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We are migrating our code to lightning. We have a javascript button in case object which opens up a custom object create new record page with pre-populated values from case. How can i do the same thing in lightning?.
We tried multiple ways but the values are not getting populated. The custom object got 2 lookup fields for case and contact. Which i need to pre-populate.
srcUp('/{!$Setup.customSetting.Prefix__c}/e?{!$Setup.customSetting.Case_Field__c}={!Case.CaseNumber}&{!$Setup.customSetting.Case_Field__c}_lkid={!Case.Id}&{!$Setup.customSetting.Contact_Field__c}={!Contact.Name}&{!$Setup.customSetting.Contact_Field__c}_lkid={!Contact.Id}') --field IDs we have saved in the custom setting in the above.

The option i could think of is lightning componet calling in quick action but If i go with quick action since feed is enabled, the button will appear below the feed only. client ddnt like that.
is there nay way to bring the quick action to the  header? or any ways to achive the above without a lightning component. Please help!

I need to create a custom list button in lightning which opens up case in edit mode with xyz record type,  /500/e?RecordType=01215006777xxx not seems to be working. Is there any alternatives for this? 
Hi All,

I am new to integration Please help me with the below scenario.

I need to send orderid to mulesoft (POST) upon order creation in salesforce. i tried to generate token using the details provided and able to communicate to mule via POSTMAN.
Can you please tell me how can i do the same in apex code? Access code generation and using the same in header? is there anything else needs to be done on top of this. Do i need to consider refresh token and all.

your help is much appreaciated!!

Babitha Kurian

Connection using postman

I have a requirement in which i should check from my sidebar VF page whether the enclosing primary tab is opened in edit mode or not. How can i check that.
Here the primary tab edit page is a VF page. I could see the URL for Edit and detail page the same in salesforce sevice console.
If the primary tab opened in edit mode i want to do some operation in the sidebar VF page.

Thanks, Babitha
Hello Guys

Could anyone please assist me on how to call an external web service using OAUTH. Could you please show me the base template class I would use. I am given the following instructions on https://api.envisionme.co.za/v1/docs#oauth. I already have an app on their side with the client_id and client_secret. Im just so frustrated becasue I have been searching documentation for the past two weeks and cant seem to get something to assist me :(. I wanna be able to then have a button on my contact page which will then call the class which will make the callout to that API and retrieve the response