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I'm new to Visualforce and APEX;


Here is some background on what I am trying to do - Each Account is assigned either "Agency" or "Client" picklist values under the "Type" field. (I am using Professional edition, so I am not able to create different Account Record Types). My company's Opportunities always relate to TWO Accounts - one of each type. I currently have the Opportunity Account Name field looking up Agency Accounts and a custom look up field to assign the Client Account.


The issue I have is displaying redundant Related Lists on the Account Page - for "Agency" accounts, this is fine.. the Opportunities show up under "Opportunities" related list. For Client Accounts, however, the related Opportunities display on a separate related list created by the custom look up field.


Any direction on the best way to tackle this is appreciated - below I've listed my ideas, but I don't know how to execute any of them (I'm shuffling around in the Visualforce inline page documentation but quite confused...) Also - please let me know if what I am trying to do requires Enterprise.

-HIDE empty related list

-DISPLAY related list based on Account Type Field value (using an inline visualforce page?)

-restructure how i point opportunities to multiple accounts..

  • November 16, 2010
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