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Hi, I have problem in the challenge which is as follows : 
Create a Lightning Component to display a single item for your packing list.
  • Create a component called campingListItem that displays the name (ui:outputText) and the three custom fields using the appropriate output components.
  • Add an attribute named item for type Camping_Item__c that is required.
for this I made component campingListItem.cmp which has following code :
    <aura:attribute name="item" type="Camping_Item__c" />    
    <p>Name:<ui:outputText value="{!v.item.Name}"/></p>    
    <p>Quantity:<ui:outputNumber value="{!v.item.Quantity__c}"/></p>    
    <p>Price:<ui:outputCurrency value="{!v.item.Price__c}"/></p>
    <p>Packed?:<ui:outputCheckbox value="{!v.item.Packed__c}"/></p>

but data is not displaying from object simple HTML text is displaying as follows:
Packed?:  False

please give me some suggestion.


This is the trailhead questions which I am trying to solve :

Create an Apex class that returns an array (or list) of formatted strings ('Test 0', 'Test 1', ...). The length of the array is determined by an integer parameter.The Apex class must be called 'StringArrayTest' and be in the public scope.
The Apex class must have a public static method called 'generateStringArray'.
The 'generateStringArray' method must return an array (or list) of strings. Each string must have a value in the format 'Test n' where n is the index of the current string in the array. The number of returned strings is specified by the integer parameter to the 'generateStringArray' method.

Here is my code :

public class StringArrayTest {
    public static List <String> generateStringArray (Integer n) {
       List<String> List1 = new List<String> ();
        for(Integer i=0;i<n;i++) {
          List1.add('\'Test'+ i+'\'' );
        return List1;


I am getting following error :

Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Executing the 'generateStringArray' method failed. Either the method does not exist, is not static, or does not return the proper number of strings.

I tried it many times but I am not able to solve this problem. Please help.