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Hi Guys,
I have built a community using Salesforce+VisualForce template. In all of the VF Pages i am using bootstrap and a few custom styles. They are all working fine in the normal web browser but they look cluttered in salesforce1 mobile app. The VF Pages are made mobile ready, access to these pages are enabled on profile and even connected app access is also enabled. The VF pages are being displayed but i guess the resolution is not fitting properly or the bootstrap styles and scripts are not loading. So the pages look ugly.
Can somebody help me here ? 
I appreciate your time and support. Thanks in advance :) 



i have the following scenario:


In the Child Object I have a custom field that is a Lokup object and i'm trying

to setup a Lookup filter that depends on one custom field on the Parent



The problem is that i cannot access the field of the Parent Object  in the Lookup

Field. The only workarount is to copy the parent object custom field in the

child object.


Is there any other solution?


Many thanks 

  • February 08, 2012
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