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Hi Salesforce gurus,

I am looking to extract the description of Custom fields of a/multiple object from the org.
basically i am trying to get a spreadsheet with the object name, field name and Description of the field.

I tried the below but have reached a dead end
>Getdescribe Apex calls - the Description is missing from the .getdescribe call
>Tried using the metadata API from this link :https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/141251/query-name-help-text-description-of-custom-fields-in-a-custom-object  - but the api was not installed completely as it faced more than 30000 in apex code for 5-6 classes.
>querying the Field Definition object from workbench - again this object omits the Description field in the object
>inlineHelpText field is useless, as the field havent been used in the org like the description Text box of custom fields.

Any idea where the Description for a custom field is stored ,there has to be some metadata object or any other way to get the description.

Thanks in Advance.
  • April 20, 2017
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Hello everyone, I've been working on this challenge in the Date Security portion of Trailhead for some time but need some help (See below)

The challenge requires a profile to be created with the following traits:
    Name: Account Reviewer
    Salesforce license type
    Only read access to Account object. (And no access to any other object in the Org)

Understand that I did read the indepth reading before hand and I created a read-only clone profile in the Accounts profile list but am stuck as how to proceed from there. Challenge error states: Challenge not yet complete ... here's what's wrong: The 'Account Reviewer' profile does not work as expected. Please Advise.