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Setting up lightning for outlook, and can't sync the salesforce and outlook calendars (see screen shot)

Anyone face this issue before?? if so what was your solution??

User-added image
There's a phone number field in the activity object(Task). I basically want to use this field to perform another function(Give users visibility into the phone number being eastern or pacific) but when trying to use this field in either a formula or inserting the field its almost as if it does not exist. Also when using the advanced formula > insert field, once again this field does not seem to exist. 

The work around I thought about so far is to: create a formula field that will just display the phone field I can't seem to access but the issue is the formula can't find any phone field in the activity object but I'm sitting here loking at it, so that work around won't even work until I can understand the phone field that is there and why I can't do anything to insert it or just create a formula that reads it.

Hey Everyone,

I created a field that displays the time zone based on the phone area code, but the issue I'm having is that area codes are displayed in the wrong time zones. For example when I enter a New York Time zone it displays "Pacific Time" although the area code is listed under eastern. Here's my code:

if( ISBLANK(Phone),"--", 


("206:209:213:236:250:253:310:323:341:360:369:408:415:424:425:442:458:503:509:510:520:530:541:559:563:564:604:619:626:627:628:650:657:661:669:702:707:714:747:752:760:764:775:778:805:818:831:858:867:909:916:925:935:949:951:971:", left(SUBSTITUTE( Phone , "(", ""),3)),"Pacific", 


CONTAINS("208:303:306:307:308:385:403:406:432:435:480:505:575:587:602:604:623:639:701:719:720:780:801:915:928:957:970:", left(SUBSTITUTE( Phone , "(", ""),3)),"Mountain", 



("204:205:210:214:217:218:224:225:228:251:254:256:262:270:274:281:306:308:309:312:314:316:317:318:319:320:325:327:331:334:337:361:364:402:405:409:414:417:430:431:432:447:464:469:479:501:504:507:512:515:534:557:563:573:580:601:605:606:608:612:615:618:620:630:636:639:641:651:659:660:662:682:701:708:712:713:715:730:731:737:763:779:785:806:807:812:815:816:817:830:832:847:850:870:872:901:903:913:915:918:920:931:936:938:940:952:956:972:975:979:985", left(SUBSTITUTE( Phone , "(", ""),3)),"Central", 



("201:202:207:212:215:216:219:226:227:229:231:234:239:240:242:248:249:252:260:267:269:272:276:278:280:283:289:301:302:304:305:313:315:321:330:331:336:339:343:345:347:351:352:365:380:386:401:404:407:410:412:413:416:418:419:423:434:437:438:440:443:445:475:478:484:502:508:513:514::516:517:518:519:540:551:561:567:570:571:574:579:581:582:585:586:603:606:607:609:610:613:614:616:617:631:646:647:649:667:678:679:681:689:703:704:705:706:716:717:718:724:727:732:734:740:754:757:762:765:770:772:774:781:786:802:803:804:807:810:813:814:819:828:835:843:845:848:850:856:857:859:860:862:863:864:865:873:876:878:904:905:906:908:910:912:914:917:919:927:937:941:947:954:959:973:978:980:984:989:", left(SUBSTITUTE( Phone , "(", ""),3)),"Eastern", 




CONTAINS("684",LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(Phone,"(",""),3)),"American Samoa", 






CONTAINS("800:877",LEFT(SUBSTITUTE(Phone,"(",""),3)),"Toll Free","Other" 

Like the description says I'm trying to create a formula field that displays the Lead Phone number and if the lead is converted then display the account phone. Any tips on how to write that formula?

From my understanding Task Records take up about 2KB's per record. We currently have a user that attaches, and uploades: notes, files, attachments, images, logos, and emails to task records. 

Also we are over our data storag limit and looking for all possible solutions including archinving. So my question is can this parrticular user be taking up our data and storage by attaching items to the task records and making those task records data size larger than normal? Or will attachments no matter the size be counted towards "file storgae" and not "data storage"?

I am stuck on superbadge challenge #2. Origianlly the error i kept receiving said that my opportunity sharing rules were not correct, and now that I've gotten those correct I still cannot pass the challenge.
Heres the error I cant seem to get pass on trailhead:

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The unit tests in the managed package have not passed successfully. Make sure you run all test in your org before checking this section. Ensure that they all pass.

On the developer console I get this error message:
System.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject

How do I troubleshot this? or what am I doing wrong? 

1. opportunities are set to private
2. public group has been created (project managers) carla rodriguiz 
3. sharing rules are correct and match that of others who have passed
4. two opportunity records are created for samantha, one with stage closed won, next with type existing customer-upgrade
5. I am using a newly created org, and have uninstalled and reinstalled the package multiple times
6. I even logged in as samantha and created the two opportunities

What do I need to do for the test to pass sucessfully? 
Hey I'm trying to complete an import but I cannot because the import mapping screen is blocking me from moving to the next step.

The lower part of the screen with: cancel, previous, and next is preventing me from moving forward.
Anyone have any insight into this?

User-added image
Anyone know the code for this?

Write a class with a method that updates all of an accounts contacts, setting contact field called “active to false”
I need to update an organizations forecast but we are using professional edition of salesforce and the data loader is not available to use. Is there any work around for this or do we have to have an upgraded edition to get the data loader so we can update the forecast tab??
I am stuc on this challenge and its very frustrating. 

For some reason I cannot save the component code, i get an error message when trying to save:

Failed to save undefined: No EVENT named markup://c:addItemEvent found : [markup://c:campinglist]: Source

Here is the code im trying to save. anyone know why it wont allow me to save it?

<aura:component controller="CampingListController">
    <aura:handler name="init" action="{!c.doInit}" value="{!this}"/>
    <aura:handler name="addItem" event="c:addItemEvent" action="{!c.handleAddItem}"/>
    <div class="slds-page-header" role="banner">

      <div class="slds-grid">

        <div class="slds-col">

          <p class="slds-text-heading--label">Camping Items</p>

          <h1 class="slds-text-heading--medium">My Camping Items</h1>




  <div aria-labelledby="newitemform">

      <fieldset class="slds-box slds-theme--default slds-container--small">
        <c:campingListForm />

     <aura:attribute name="items" type="Camping_Item__c[]"/>

    <div class="slds-card slds-p-top--medium">
        <header class="slds-card__header">
            <h3 class="slds-text-heading--small">Camping List Items</h3>
        <section class="slds-card__body">
            <div id="list" class="row">
                <aura:iteration items="{!v.items}" var="item">
                    <c:campingListItem item="{!item}"/>

Stuck on challenege 5

here is the error message I get:

Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Lightning Hobbies by Contact' report does not appear to have a locked filter.

Check out my screen shot, what am i doing wrong here???

User-added image

Been stuck on challenge 2 for the Superbadge Reports and Dashboards.
Just need help configuring the report, I should be fine from there, heres what I have:

User-added image
I recently passed my Admin 201 and now i want the Sales Cloud Certification. Does anyone know how to best prepare for the Sales Cloud Exam? I'm finding there aren't as many resources for self study like there was for the admin 201
Im working on creating some reports and need some advice.
which chart type can be used to display summary values from two different levels of grouping in a report?

so far ive been trying to do this with funnel charts, and donut charts
I've added the section, but it keeps on indicating this.....
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'Phone Numbers' section was not found, or it was empty

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
User-added image
I've added the section, but it keeps on indicating this.....
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
The 'Phone Numbers' section was not found, or it was empty

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Hola. hice 2 veces todo lo que pedían paso a paso en distintos playground y me aparece este cartel: "
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Couldn't find the Partner Account Layout."
Pero si la cree y la veo. miren.

User-added image
alguien tiene alguna idea por qué no lo registra?

I'm doing the Set Up the Exchange Rate hands-on but keep getting an error. I've doublechecked thing and I'm still getting this message  
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:  
We couldn’t find Currency Type and Decimal with the correct information. Ensure that you have selected the correct currency type and entered the decimal information.

I am already a salesforce developer in a company based in Poland. Since I know this platform, I have decided to write my engineering work/bachelors of science about salesforce and create an app on it. Therefore I need a developer enviroment for about 6-12 months that will not expire. All the free ones are for one month freely only. Have You got guys any sugestions what I could do? I already wrote about 4-5 times question/ to suport asking the same question again and again, and each one is telling me to write to someone else.

Mateusz WK

Hi All, 

I have a requirement to import data from excel sheet. the Sheet will have data similar to the below one, 

User-added image

As you see, I need to map two (or more) Contacts to the same account in a row. For Eg, 2nd column has 2 contacts. So, I need to create 2 list records for 1 row and at the end list should have 6 rows (2 contacts for each accounts).  

If I iterate the row using 'for' loop, I can able to map only One contact not two. So, I end up adding only 3 rows. Is there a way we can achieve this.? 

I have a sandbox that was created in 2013. My user id was created in 2014 and the system admin profile was assigned to me.
I wish to logon to this sandbox that was created in 2013. How can I go about doing this?
how to you add a new pick list item in salesforce?
Hey I'm trying to complete an import but I cannot because the import mapping screen is blocking me from moving to the next step.

The lower part of the screen with: cancel, previous, and next is preventing me from moving forward.
Anyone have any insight into this?

User-added image
Hi All,
 Help Me out, am completely stuck here since last few days.
I have done everything perfect role, profile, Permission but not able to pass the test method.
here the screenshot.
User-added image
Hi all, I have managed to get past the first challenge, and partly past the second challenge. The second Apex test keeps failiing and I just want to make sure there is not a bug in the class. The reason I ask is because:

1) The org wide defaults are set to private.
2) I removed all sharing rules as a test and I could still not get it to fire.
3) The list view for test opps for Samantha Cordero returns only her test opps with opps owned by the sys admin on original org setup.
4) I even mass transfered all the opps owned by the sysadmin (myself) to Samantha

System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: Field Sales users should not be able to read Opportunities owned by someone else. However, the test returned records not owned by the user. #sadtrombone: Expected: 1, Actual: 2

So, if I have no sharing rules, and the OWD is set to private for opps, how can this even happen?  (I did pass the sharing rule setup earlier in the challenge, but I deleted them to test this).

Hey All, 

First time posting here, I look forward to what I can learn from the community.  I am a mostly self taught Admin so I suspect my issue stems from some of the common knoweldge gaps that newer self taught types can have.  I've read post after post and watched countless videos and can't figure out the small little thing that is hanging me up on this. I also see that this doesn't seem to have spell check so all you grammer hounds please grant me mercy. 

First, since language changes on these modules I'll post the step for future readers and then the error I'm getting. 
Set record-level security settings
Configure other Salesforce settings related to record-level security to meet the business requirements.
Create a user, Samantha Cordero, and assign her the Field Sales User profile and the Field Sales role
Create an opportunity owned by Samantha with the stage name 'Needs Analysis'
Create a Closed Won opportunity owned by Samantha, with the type of 'Existing Customer - Upgrade'
The error on the apex test thing I get: "Assertion Failed: Field Sales users should not be able to read Opportunities owned by someone else. However, the test returned records not owned by the user. #sadtrombone: Expected: 1, Actual: 3"

So here are the few things I've drilled into and checked, I honestly can't think of anything else that I'm missing. Other parts of this could be messed up but as far as relation to the error thrown I just can't find it. 

1) Issue with the Profile, "Field Sales User". I don't think this is it due to the error throwing a lower case "user" which makes me think it's an issue with roles. Also this doesn't really have much to do with viewing rights beyond basic allowance so.. eh. Honestly I'm not even sure the best way to approach Profiles vs Roles, but again, noob here. In this profile I have the Opportunity object checked for everything except "delete" as the trail ask. 

User-added image

2) Roles. Now here is where we get to the good stuff. I've checked the hierchy and have tried to mark that lowly field reps are not worthy of viewing other's opportunities (humor y'all).  For your consideration here are shots of the hierchy and the field where I marked them as unworthy. 

User-added image 

User-added image

3) Sharing Settings. This is the last area I know of to deal with this error.  I have set Opportunities to private. This, in combination with the other rules really baffles me as to why field reps can still creep on other opportunities. For visual confirmation: 

User-added image

Any help or hints would be much appreciated on this.  In the event I make it out to Dreamforce and the lucky person that helps me out the most does I will gladly buy you a beer or coffee or heck even both! 

I downloaded it this afternoon (6/25, around 2.30p Pacific time), before I knew what it was for. I've got to Step 2 in the challenge, created the user and opportunitites, but I can't run the tests because . . . there were no tests in the package.

For reference, here's a screenshot of the package components. Am I missing something?
screenshot - security specialist superbadge package, list of components
This is the error I'm getting: "The sharing rule that shares Opportunities owned by Field Sales users with Inside Sales users does not appear to be setup correctly."
Note that project managers have a variety of responsibilities within your Salesforce org, so you can’t use role for record sharing.

I set up an Opportunity Criteria based sharing rule with the 2 criteria.  I've tried sharing with the following interations but still haven't passed it
  • Inside Sales
  • a Public Group that includes (Inside Sales, VP Sales, Field Sales)
  • a Public Group that includes (Inside Sales, VP Sales, Field Sales)
  • All Internal Users

Additional Info for Profile opportunity object permissions:
Field Sales User: R/C/E
Inside Sales User: R
Project Management User: R
Sales Executive User: R/VA

3 Roles
Field Sales & Inside Sales reporting to VP Sales
  • June 16, 2016
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I'm trying to get the step -2 and while running the supplied Apex Test, 
Getting below error 

Method NamehugYourMother
Error MessageSystem.QueryException: List has no rows for assignment to SObject
Stack TraceClass.sb_security.BeAwesome.createUser: line 89, column 1
Class.sb_security.BeAwesome.setup: line 81, column 1

I have created the records owned by Samantha as mentioned and also created sharing rule for Project managers.
Can someone please help ?

Just want to get the selected value of a picklist in formula,


and I know the CASE() or ISPICKVAL() should be used.


But it is terrible if there are mass of option in picklist.


I hate to do it like this.



Anyone can help me?