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There is custom clone button on Campaign which copies all campaign members to the cloned campaign record. When there are more than 7500 campaign members associated with a campaign, it is not allowing to clone campaign with members. The error is :Apex CPU Time Limit Exceeded.
When we are cheking the logs -- unwanted update methods are firing even though there is no update DML operation in debug logs.

can someone help to find the root cause? Thanks in Advance!
Can anyone help me to resolve this -

I have Custom console component. The record link inside it should open in console as Primary Tab...

Thanks in Advance!
I have created console component in the Console App. I have created a custom object called Alerts and the data related to this object is displayed in the component using skuid page. Now i want to have two different filters , one will have the Unread Alerts and other will have All Alerts. If user clicks on any of the Unread alerts , it should vanish from that filter view. Also i want to have pop up like Microsoft Link or communicator when new Alert is created in the system.

Can someone please help me or give some approach to resolve this?
Hi All,

I created a new custom field, added it to 4 page layouts and its permission was read/editable by all. When i moved this field from DEV to UAT using change set, only the new field was copied, it was not added in the page layouts and its permissions were not there as well, it was hidden from all profiles. What did I miss here??
I want a list of all Objects in my org and displaying it in a drop down in Visualforce page. The code has compiled but giving unexpected error while getting Preview of VF page.

Controller : 
// Controller
public without sharing class getObjectNamesController {    
    public Map<String, Schema.SObjectType> object_Map = Schema.getGlobalDescribe(); 
    public Set<String> objNamesSet = object_Map.keyset();
    public List<SelectOption> objNamesList{     
            Integer i=0;
            for(String myObjName : objNamesSet)
                objNamesList.add(new SelectOption(String.valueOf(i),myObjName)) ; 
            return objNamesList ;
VF Page: 
<apex:page controller="getObjectNamesController">
  <apex:form >
      <apex:selectList size="1">
          <apex:selectOptions value="{!objNamesList}"></apex:selectOptions>
User-added image

Need to fetch the value from Map based on particular key and assign to a new variable.

If Map is defined like <Id,String> then, want to check if any particular Id is existing in the Map and if it is there in map. The String value for that Id should be assigned to a new String variable. Is it possible to do? If so, how to perform this action.
Hi All,

I have requirement where i have to use custom label which contains the url, i have to embed url in html email template on a field along with the detail link of the particular record.

Please help me how to reference the custom label in html emil template as well as how to merge detail link along with the custom label to embed on the field

best regards,
mohammad yaseen
Hello, How to write Test class for this below Apex tigger,
trigger AssetTrigger on Asset (before insert, before update, before delete, after insert, after update, after delete, after undelete) {     TriggerDispatcher.Run(new AssetTriggerHandler());