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Hello all,

I'm wondering what is the preferred way you are writing your test classes for complicated triggers.

In my project, I have a trigger that contains callout, that been implemented by a framework(need to implement an interface) in a different class, utilMethod and some regular object-specific methods (<objactName>Helper..)

My idea was that at least for the callout to create a specific test class.
But then, what should I do when I trigger the "trigger" that calls to that callout? implement it again? use only a mock to "let it go" or use the ugly "Test.isRunningTest"?

I'm using https://github.com/kevinohara80/sfdc-trigger-framework for my trigger framework with addition that all the logic is built in a different class called triggerHelper and triggerHandler only call methods.
What is your approach to complicated triggers?


Hello Board,


I want to use two datepicker on visualforce page to specify range and based on their input values execute the query and display the result.


Is there any Datepicker available which will look like standard datepicker available in SF?