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I need to display a certain dashboard to be viewed by Partner Community Users. The report folder and dashboard folder where already shared to the Partner Community users. What I have tried so far is (1) using iFrame where I am embedding the url of the dashboard; it's working though but it's size is too small, (2) I also tried using analytics:reportChart, on preview of my vf page I'm getting a good result but when I view it on the actual community portal using a Partner Community user access it gives me this error "You need access to the source report type to view this report chart".

What seem to be the problem? Here's my code:

<analytics:reportChart developerName="Lead_Over_Status"  size="large" cacheResults="true"></analytics:reportChart>

How to Display the Reports and Dashboards in Partner Community .Which permissions need to give if we want to access the reports and dashboards in Community ?

please advise .