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Hi, I have one requirement where I need to navigate to the standard salesforce case creation page on a custom button click. It works fine when I use this button in Salesforce classic.

But when I switch to lightning I want it to navigate to the standard lightning case create which will be look like:  User-added image

But it redirect to the Classic case creation page. I am unable to redirect to the Lightning case creation page. The URL which I am using is “/500/e”. 
Any help will be appreciated.
This is to solve one of the trailhead challenge. 

How do we assign multiple values to an attribute by not using default paramenter instead value parameter. For example.

I have a component as below.

<aura:component name="DayOfTheWeek" type="string" value="Monday" : "Tuesday" : "Wednesday">

and I would like to read these values and find the week of the day dynamically, as we have $Browser and $Locale, do we have another binding variable to check on day, date and time values.