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Greetings, I've created my external object for the Data Integration Specalist Superbadge and have configured my external ID as seen below, however, the challenge seems to not pass, indicating that the indirect lookup was not properly created. Here's how I set up the projectRef__c field, which was what I used to push data from the external object into the project object in Salesforce. Are there any steps, I need to take. Hope it helps.
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I want case to assign to group of users in Round Robin manner. I have a workflow rule which is updating case's owner field to Case Queue. And I want to distribute cases among queue member.


I am writting After Update trigger to achieve this functionality. I am able to get the list of users which are member of Case Queue and list of cases which are assigned to Case Queue. But I am not getting how to assign cases to list of user in Round Robin manner.


Can someone please help me out? Thanks in advance..