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Hi all !
I need to implement a class where using httpRequest will get files from Amazon S3 and insert it into Salesforce as an attachment. Due to the limits of Salesforce with Synchronous limit is 6MB which may in some of my files exceed. I wanted to know how could I overcome this issue and import files bigger than 6Mb as content of an attachment. I wanted to try multipart but also in that scenario I need to save the content of the attachment to a String which also will exceed the limit. Any suggestion or help would be perfect !
Thanks in advance.
I have an Opportunity with 2 Products associated to it. I created a Quote and added a Discount value to each of these Products. Everything is fine up to now, but the problem is that if I create another Quote on the same Opportunity which has these products, the products are added to the new Quote as QuoteLineItems, but they don't have the value of the Discount populated and they're blank. Due to the fact that this is a standard functionality of the Salesforce, how can I add these Discount values to the QuoteLineItems of the second Quote?
Thanks in advance.
I wanted to know if it is possible to do the Integration to/from Salesfroce using a SFTP server? I've searched on this community and found some apps such as Dataloader.io etc... but I want to do the integration without any apps.
I will be thankful if anyone could help me with this issue.