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Hi everyone,

I have a question. I know it should be possible to send various information from Google Analytics to fields in Salesforce. I'm not interested in the utm parameters, but rather just fields and metrics such as browser, pageviews, pages per session, operating system, source (not utm) and whatnot. Does anyone have a method to do this using javascript and the web form?

ASAP would be fantastic.
Hi everyone. I am aware that Salesforce entails a standard set of fields that can be filled by using UTM tags. For clients, I would like to activate the tracking of random User IDs in Google Analytics and then send these IDs to a field in Salesforce when they submit a form. Among the standard fields of utm source or medium, I would like to add a field that then shows the User ID that the visitor was assigned by Google Analytics. 

Does anyone have experience with this and have a simple stepwise plan I could follow to achieve this? (So far, manuals I did find either did not focus on User IDs or were too incomprehensible for me). Thanks!

(As a next step, I would also like to know how to achieve this with other Google Analytics data, such as client ID, operating system, landing page and whatnot. It's not a priority yet, but if there's like a standard way to construct these fields in Salesforce, feel free to share!)