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Hi friends, 

Can someone help me in writing a query where i need to get only those contacts who have one or more activity history records? I can up with a solution like this : 

select id, first_activity_date__c,LastActivityDate, (select id, createddate from activityhistories) from contact where first_activity_date__c = null and LastActivityDate != null

But even the above returns some records without activity histories. We cannot put a sub query as a filter as it is not allowing for the same. Help is appreciated. Thanks.
Hi friends
I have and issue where when i create a lead (Detail) record for an custom object (Master) let's call it 'X'. The problem is, when ever i create a lead for that Master, in the chatter feed, the created by feed shows up. Is there a way to stop this? I do not want to stop feeds for all the child records of 'X'.

This is particularly annoying as when i insert tons of leads via dataloader for 'X', the chatter feed of 'X' just floods up with 'Created' messages in its feed.

Thanks for the help.