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Hi Team,
                 I am Looking to Merge 2 or More PDF's into Single PDF Using Apex. Is it Possible to Merge two PDF's. Please Help me on That.

Thank you.
Hi Team, Please help me on how to create a user when a contact is created using trigger.
Hi all,I have Credit balance(Ex:10,000) and based on my expenses spent(Ex:1.Shoping 200,2.Grossery 400, etc...) the result i want is we have to subtract all the expenses from credit amount and display remaining balance using apex and vf pages
Hi all,Can any one help me in building login form using aura component
Hi All,
         Can anyone help me to get the below output using VF and Apex classes.Out put format

Thank You.
Hi,I have a small query that,I had performed arthematic operations using VF and Apex and displaying results.Now my scenario is i have to display that performed operations in below table format.Like if i enter first number 10 and second number 15 and click add it should dispaly result 25 and the resultant 10+15=25 should be stored in below table.