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Hi There,
we came across a very annoying accessibility issue for our visually impaired users that have to use Salesforce with keyboard only (in addition with Screenreader like JAWS).  

Problem:  In Google Chrome, we were not able to find the correct keystrokes to select multiple non-consecutive options from a multiple select box in Salesforce Lightning using just the keyboard. (i.e. select only option 1 and 4 of the list, not 2 and 3).

We are aware of the methods in Internetexplorer (Shift + F8 etc.)  and Firefox (Control + space to select). After intense research on the internet, that issue seems to exist for many users only in Chrome, and yet we couldn't find a solution for that. We came across a thread in the Chromium developer forum and there seems to be a "bug" raised since 2011 (!).

Does anyone know, if there is a way in Chrome is to select non consecutive items in a multiselect box only with the keyboard? See screenshot attached for reference.
Multiselect Box in Salesforce Lightning
Thanks and best,