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Hi all,
I have a question regarding Execution Governors and Limits for  daily maximum number of asynchronous Apex method executions.
In the Salesforce documantation it is written, that the maximum number of asynchronous Apex method executions (batch Apex, future methods, Queueable Apex, and scheduled Apex) per a 24-hour period is 250,000 or the number of user licenses in your org multiplied by 200, whichever is greater. 
I'm not sure if this question has been already asked in the community, but if anyone know what is meant by "24-hour period"? How it's calculated? It is depending on your org default Time Zone? Is it fixed( i.e. between 9:30 time on 29 of March and 9:30 time on the 30 of March or is it between 00 o'clock time on 29 of March - 9:30 time on the 30 of March. ) or is a sliding window/rolling period, like is explained in this post?
Could you please give more information on this topic?

Hi all,

I'm new to Salesforce and would like to ask for more information about different salesforce editions and versions. Our team wants to use an organization, with Force.com account to be used as PaaS for custom application development. This means without the standard CRM features, which Salesforce.com provides like Campaigns, Leads, Opportunities, or Cases. But to get access to the “Core” functionality of Accounts and Contacts, Reports, Dashboards, Documents, and Activities and Custom Objects.  I know the Salesforce platform (https://www.salesforce.com/products/platform/lightning/?d=70130000000f27V&internal=true) can be used for this case. I have a free trial to test it out but still, it provides me features for Salesforce standard license, not for Salesforce platform license. Would please tell me which edition and licenses are best to be used when I want to use Force.com as a platform.