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I am trying to install the data.com, but I am being directed to my production salesforce on which I do not have permission to install app. 
 My trailhead login uses same login/pwd of my prod salesforce. I have received a link to trailhead and when I click it uses my company login and  my Single Sign On. I click the link and join. It also works fine for Trailhead playground, that has shows me logged with @cunning-moose login. 

The problem is
(1) when I try to log directly using my @cunning-moose login and SSO pwd, it does not work;
(2) When I try to change my pwd for @cunning-moose login, I receive an error saying that current pwd does not exist.
(3) When I try to restart my @cunning-moose pwd, it asks one of security questions that I have never answered therefore change of pwd fails. 

Without a @cunning-mooselogin and pwd that works for trailhead playground I cannot complete the exercise / challenge to install the data.com app. What should I do here ?
My trailhead login uses same login/pwd of prod salesforce. I click the link and join w/ Single sign on, logged also into Trailhead playground, all fine, but when tried to change my pwd for @cunning-moose login, had error saying current pwd does not exist
As part of my pre-work for bootcamp, I'm trying to complete the module Data Quality in trailhead. The thing is when I try to complete the "Assessing the Quality of Data" challenge and install the Data.com Assessment App, I have the following error: " Insufficient Privileges. You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary. " (It appears after clicking in Install in production and after confirming the installation). 

Could anyone help me with this? I really appreciate your help.

Many thanks,