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Hi All,

I'm very much an SF newbie, so hopefully this makes sense...

When a new lead is created (via Web2Lead etc), we need some kind of internal process or trigger to run and match the Lead [Email Address], to the [Email Address] of an existing Contact. If there is a match, we need to return the Contacts parent Account [Name], and update the Lead [Company] field.

So if we already have an account for 'Test Co', with a Contact associated with it being 'Joe Bloggs / joe@bloggs.com', and then get a new Lead with the Email Address 'joe@bloggs.com', we need the Lead [Company] field to be automatically updated to show 'Test Co'. 

Is this possible? If so, can anyone point me towards the best way to achieve this. I've had a look at creating a process, but that doesn't seem to offer the options i need. Do we need some custom coding? If so, as someone with PHP/JS experience, what is the best route to take.

Many thanks.