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Hi all,

I'm making a custom Rest API and having some problems with endpoints mapping.
I had a class named RestResource_Opportunities, with mapping @RestResource(urlMapping='/contas/*/oportunidades');
And a class named RestResource_OpportunityId, with mapping  @RestResource(urlMapping='/contas/*/oportunidades/*').

When I compile the Opportunities class, the both endpoints maps to OpportunityId class.
When I compile the OpportunityId class, the both endpoints maps to Opportunities class.

This behavior also happens with /contas/*/contatos and /contas/*/contatos/* endpoints.

I don't know why this happens, since the mappings are differents... Anyone can help?

Hi all,

I want to use the Username-Password OAuth Authentication Flow with a partner user license. However, when I try to do this call, i have an error.

As mentioned in the docs (https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.api_rest.meta/api_rest/intro_understanding_username_password_oauth_flow.htm) this flow requires the security token with the password, but the partner user license doesn't have a security token.

This is the response when call the default endpoint:
    "error": "invalid_grant",
    "error_description": "authentication failure"

This is de response when i use the community URL:
    "error": "unsupported_grant_type",
    "error_description": "grant type not supported"
My question is if is possible to use this OAuth Flow with partner user (and how can I do this), or if only User-Agent or Web Server are supported for this license type (can't find this in docs).