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one product cost is 1000. It is stored in invoice so once if change the cost of product to 800 then how can i update it automatically into a invoice?
I have couple of pages in an application Says as page1 ,page2,page3,page4,page5.All the five pages are having same content as footer and header?? when i add some sentences on page 1 ,it should appear in all the pages .How can u achieve this??
user1 has access to 5 account records,user2 has access to 10 account records  ?how do u call the ids?
will trigger .old throw an error for before insert?
without clicking on the sumbit for approval can u process the approval process?if yes what is the steps?
I have a contact object , phone is a field (not mandatory),but thru pagelayout i wil make the field as required and there are few triggers on the contact object.whn i create a record wil this trigger throws an error or not?