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Hey community, 

I have a field named "Company Legal Name". It's a different name than account name. Its important that we seperate between account name and company legal name. 

We switched to salesforce not to long ago. In our previous system, our employees used to search for the company legal name to identify a customer.
Is it possible to integrate the company legal name in the search bar? 

At the moment its only searching for account names, contacts, opportunities. 


Best regards, 


Hey Guys, 

when I edit my Account Details for longer than approx. 10 - 15 seconds I get this error message every single time. 

It's super annoying for workflows etc. 
Other colleagues had the same issue. The error message always claims the name of who is currently editing. 

E.g in this case: I ( Tobias) was editing the Details section for 10 secons. when clicking on save this error appeared. 

Is there a way to fix this in lightning? 

Appreciate your help. 


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