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I have been attempting to complete the Trailhead Module Work with GeoJSON and Create the Map for Wave Analytics.

It's all fine when I go back to my Salesforce DE org and I upload the GeoJSON file/map/definition and I follow all of the labelling and options that  unit sets out. It's all fine too when I go back to Wave to access the Los Angeles zip-codes dataset and select the measure and "group by" specifications set out in the unit. There are no problems when I set it to being a map chart.

HOWEVER, the problems begin when I select the "Map Type". The map I uploaded in the DE Org, "Custom: L. A. Zipcodes appears which is good, but when I select this map and the system begins to load it, the system seems to crash and Wave freezes up and I never end up seeing the map and the chart is never applied to the map.

As the chart applied to the map of Southern California never ends up loading I cannot complete this Trailhead unit, nor can I complete the next unit which also works with the map.

Any guidance people can give me here would be much appreciated.