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Hi all,
1) i am learning REST api. I am not getting difference between @httpGet declaration and when we declare like 
        HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();
        Http http = new Http();
what is difference between these two declaration.??
2) When we write GET method? when we want to send data from salesforce to other system or when we want to get data from other system into salesforce??

SELECT Name FROM Opportunity WHERE AccountId IN (SELECT Id FROM Account);

Why its throwing error while I'm including field Account in below query when i was trying to retrive Opportunity name and Account name.

SELECT Name, Account FROM Opportunity WHERE AccountId IN (SELECT Id FROM Account);

This column details are related to Opportunity name.I want to retrieve related Account names for that oppurtunity name.
Hi Friends,

I am learning Integration and I need some clarification for the below question.
I have 3 methods in REST Api class,
I have all the methods in single class.

Whether I can use each method in each class.
Like, @HttpGet in one class and @HttpPost in one class..
So that If I want to make any changes to particulat method only that class and corresponding test class is modified.

Kinldly need some inputs for my understanding.