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The initial value for a number field on a record is 1. A user updated the value of the number field to 10. This action invokes a workflow field update, which changes the value of the number field to 11. After the workflow field update, an update trigger fires.
What is the value of the number field of the object that is obtained from Trigger.old?

A. Null

B. 11 (Since 11 will be the immediate previous value before update, so i am considering it correct)

C. 1

D. 10

 Is it 11 or 1 ? And How ?
I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone had experience with creating a Canvas App displaying their external Web Application in Salesforce. If so, when going through the security review what did you do/not do regarding the X-Frame-Options Headers. Given that the Canvas App will be in an IFrame in another origin, how do you resolve security violations of not including the X-Frame-Options header in your Web Application . The possible values are Deny or Allow Same Origin, both of which won't work unless I'm missing something.

Help me with this issue - when adding an Opportunity Product to Opportunity we need the Quantity field to be prepopulated with a value "1".

Is there anyway, maybe a visualforce page, how to do this?
Hi all,

We were researching with the new enhanced notes feature prior to the Winter '17 release and I believe we saw the ability to add custom fields to the ContentNote object. But since the last release adding custom fields seems to no longer be an option.  Does anyone know why this didn't make it into Winter?

Thanks ahead of time!