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The instructions state:

"The method must return the ID and Name for the requested record and all associated contacts with their ID and Name."

I am returning a List<sObject> where the first object is the Account and the remaining objects are the Contacts.

The error message is:

"Executing the 'AccountManager' method failed. Either the service isn't configured with the correct urlMapping, is not global, does not have the proper method name or does not return the requested account and all of its contacts."

I assume it is looking for a different structure to be returned by getAccount() besides List<sObject> but since Account doesn't have a field to store associated Contacts, I'm not sure what to return.

Anyone able to clarify for me what type & structure the return value should have?
I've completed the challenge, it has 100% coverage. I've checked all the method names. The URL is valid. I've used Work Bench and curl to test and even tested with multiple Accounts with and without contacts.

I know on other challenges, punctionation was important.  What about the defination of the return? Are there expected names?

I built a class to hold Account ID & Name along with a List of Contact names and IDs. Is this my issue?  Anyone else have a challenge with this challenge?

Any help or hints will be appreciated.

Here are snippets of my code:

global with sharing class AccountManager {


global class APIAccount {
        public ID Id;
        public String Name;
        List<APIContact> Contacts;


    global static APIAccount getAccount() {
        RestRequest request = RestContext.request;