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In a text field is possible to set up a default value so that when a new record is the field is auto populated.  But the user can over ride it if they wish?



In a text field, is there a way to enforce that the first letter of each word is capitalized?  This would be very helpfull for First Name, Last Name, Address, and City fields?


Is there a way to clone a set of custom Lead fields into the Opportunity object?  I have over 100 custom fields that need to be included when the Lead is converted.  But it appears that I will need to add the fields manually to the Opportunity object before I can map the fields?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.



1)  Is it possible to add the 'Notes and Attachments' related list section to Lead page layout?

2)  In a more general sense, is it possible to customize related lists?  Can we add new related lists?  Can we edit existing lists?


Mark Bruso
Portland, Oregon

1)  Is it possible to populate the values for a pick list by querying other data with SFDC?

2)  I want to add a pick list for 'State' and have the choices limited to the 50 states.  Do I really have to enter all 50 states in manually?

Is there a way to connect to Salesforce via ODBC?