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how do I add a % discount field to a product within an opportunity ? I need the ability to enter a sales price for a product within an opp, then enter an agents % discount then see the net price. these discounts might vary depending on the product which I have picked from the price book and added to an opportunity.
I cannot find anything about this within the help, SF helpdesk has been completely useless and there is nothing on the blogs or ideas.
hi i have set up a custom object to hold some customer data linked to the account
within the custom object i have made a custom-s control and included the fields i want to export, but how do I get it to open up the data i have selected in a word document ?
i basically want to click on an export button within one of the custom object tabs and word will open with the content from those fields populated in word
is this possible without having to purchase a subscription to one of the add-on app-exchange modules ?

Hi, we need to show subscription revenue forecasting per month - for example, a 6-month service subscription for $4000 total, but for which the user would pay $666 monthly (and $670 on the last month). 

When I build this within one Opportunity Product, all $4000 is showing up in the forecast in the first Product Month, instead of distributing across the 6-month forecast appropriately.  The only way I can get it to distribute is by making every month its own product (Product 1 Month 1, Product 1 Month 2, etc.), which is unwieldy. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction?  (Also, it doesn't look like something Customizable Forecasting would help with this either?) Thanks!