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I have developed a custom button that executes JavaScript that queries the QuoteLineItem standard object.   This custom button has been included in a managed package, and distributed to a client.  The client reports that the custom button is throwing an "INVALID_TYPE: sObject 'QuoteLineItem' is not supported." error message.  Any idea why this error occurs?  They have enabled quotes and it does not occur on several other SFDC accounts.


Thank you.

I need to create a trigger to prevent duplicate records in the Detail table of a custom Master-Detail type relationship.  One field, called Name, must be unique for all records in the Detail record collection for each Master record. Thus, the trigger must prevent duplicate records for 2 fields, the Name field plus the Id of the Master record.  In the force.com Cookbook, page 118, there is an example, but it is for a single field and I don't understand how to modify it for 2 fields. Can anyone help?



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I am building a salesforce.com composite application.   In a composite application, how do you access the APEX Web Services API without requiring the user to reenter salesforce.com login info again?
Hi - First time posting. I need to figure out a way to prevent duplicate record entries.

Firstly, I have created 2 custom objects:

1) Customer Project (Master)
2) Customer Project Team Assignments (Detail)

I need to create a validation rule or workflow rule to restrict a user from selecting a Contact on the Customer Project Team Assignment object that is already associated w/ the same Customer Project object.

The Contact can however be associated w/ different Customer Projects just no duplicates for a single Customer Project.

Does this make sense? Can anyone help? Please ask questions if I've left out some critical information.