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Hi all

I'm trying to find a way to automatically send a response email to a lead that submits my web-to-lead form. I'm not using a "default" Salesforce W2L form, but a custom one, and it seems that the default auto-response rule doesn't work with custom web-to-led forms. So instead i'm trying to make a workflow rule that would do the same than the autoresponse-rule, but i'm actually struggling in setting up the rule. I'm sure this is a common situation and that lots of salesforce users actually use a workflow rule for auto response email, but i just can't find a way to set it up does anyone has an idea on how I would achieve this?

Thanks a lot.
  • February 21, 2008
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Hi all;

I hope someone could help me on this one. Let’s say I want my lead to download a white paper on my website. Every time a lead downloads a whitepaper I want to associate the lead to the paper and to the download action itself and track this information in my custom reports. 

So I have created one custom object called "WhitePaper", and it contains custom fields such as "Title", “Author”; etc.  I have another custom object called “Download” which contains fields such as “Download Date”, “Special Offer” etc. This “Download” custom object is linked to the “Lead “and to the “WhitePaper" object with lookup fields.

I would like to track some of the following elements in my custom reports:

The lead generated by white paper
The opportunity generated by whitepaper
The revenue generated by whitepaper

The problem is that the information of the custom objects ‘WhitePaper’ and ‘Download’ associated to the lead are not carried on to the contact when the lead is converted into a contact / account. So i'm not able to track “opportunities by whitepaper” in my reports for example.

 Here’s how my custom objects look like:

Object ‘WhitePaper’
Paper Title
Paper Author

Object ‘Download’
Download Date
Special Offer
WhitePaper (lookup with custom object ‘WhitePaper’)
Lead (Lookup with leads)

Opportunity (Lookup with opportunities)

I've tried to link both object to account, contact and opportunities with lookup fields, but none of that would allow me to carry on the information to the contact once the lead has been converted.

Has anyone an idea on how I could do to make sure the custom object info are automatically carried on from the lead to the contact when converted?


  • January 29, 2008
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I have set up a web-to-lead form in which I am collecting several email addresses at once. What I would like to do is set up an auto response rule to one of the other email addresses that is stored in a custom field. Is there a workaround to setting up an auto response to reply to the custom email field I specify -- i.e. setting up a workflow rule or something like this? I would like to avoid having to store the email I want the auto response to go in the main Email field associated with the lead record and I definitely want to stay away from having to send an email manually each time this form is filled out.
Any helpful suggestions or just a blatant "no, this cannot be accomplished?"
Trying something that sounds simple but has been a headache so far... be gentle, I'm new at this.
All we want is a small form that sends info as a lead to salesforce - this form has a hidden Campaign_ID field.
First of all, when you generate the web-to-lead code it gives you the Campaign_ID and not the Campaign field as the one you should be sending to salesforce. We found out from salesforce that you actually have to use the "name" and not the "ID".
Everything works fine except for the auto-response rule that looks for the Campaign field to then send out an email with an attachment. We've tried "Campaign_ID", "Campaign" (name), with parenthesis, without parenthesis, and many other options - it just doesn't want to work.
Any suggestions? Anybody out there been able to do this? We've called salesforce and they've "escalated" the issue... just trying to get a faster answer to this...
Any help would be appreciated.
  • March 08, 2006
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