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I just installed Connect for Microsoft Outlook, and I can't get it to sync properly.

I set it up to export to Salesforce from Outlook, and I have some contacts in Outlook that I want to export to Salesforce.  The contacts are in separate categories, and I have no contacts in my main "Contacts" folder.  According to the "Salesforce Options" Contacts tab, each of my folders of contacts is selected to be exported to Salesforce.

When I first hit "Sync," the dialog came up that it was syncing and I got a success message, but nothing new showed up in Salesforce.  I tried to manually mark some contacts for syncing, and I got this message:

"This record cannot be marked for sync because the association is invalid."

When I tried to manually associate the contacts, I got this message:

"The Item cannot be associated because it is not linked to a Salesforce record.  Please try the association again."

What do I need to do to synchronize these contacts?

Thanks!  :)