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I am working on a VisualForce page that would list all the Leads with a subset of the fields displayed.

I am using Group Edition hence do not have the luxury of Apex classes (hence controller extensions).

This is the code.

<apex:page standardController="Lead" tabStyle="Lead">
<apex:dataList value="{!view}" var="each" onclick="alert(event);">
{!each.name}, {!each.phone}

I am aware that view() is the method to view an object. What is the standardController method to list the objects (Lead)?

Andi Giri

We looking for some help in building a small custom order management application using
Force.com. This job is to be done on-site or partially remotely with a fair amount of face time. We are located in Brisbasne, CA (SF Bay Area).

Please send your information (resume, reference, rate, availability, etc...) to baolongnt [at] glam [dot] com.


Bao-Long Nguyen-Trong
Glam Media
  • July 22, 2008
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Is there a way to invoke Apex Class Web Service from workflow message action (SOAP)?

We built a simple APEX class and we would like to call that class from workflow message action passing URL Endpoint and Sessiond ID.
We receive this error from the message queue: "INVALID_SESSION_ID: Invalid Session ID found in SessionHeader: Illegal Session"

Apex class is very simple for testing purpose:

global class HelloWorld2 {
 WebService static void sayHelloWorld(String arg)
Lead lead;
lead = new Lead();
lead.firstname = 'Name name';
lead.lastname = 'Surname';

insert lead;


Endpoint for workflow message action setup is:

Any help about that?

Error: core.apexpages.el.adapters.exceptions.UnknownPropertyException: Unknown property 'AccountStandardController.account'
Error: Unknown property 'AccountStandardController.account'
I have a situation,i want  extended some of my standard controller property to my cusom controller ,when using my code i got following,here is my code anybody tell me ,where i did my mistake.
VF page:
<apex:page standardController="Account" extensions="myFirstController"  showHeader="true" tabStyle="Account">
<apex:pageBlock title="Accounts">
<apex:form >
<apex:dataTable value="{!accountList}"  var="account" cellpadding="4" border="1">
<apex:column >
<apex:commandLink >
<apex:outputText value="{!account.name}"/>
 <apex:pageBlock title="Contacts">
public class myFirstController{ 
    public myFirstController(ApexPages.StandardController stdController){ }


 public Account[] getAccountList() {
           /*       return [select id,name from Account where id = :System.currentPageReference().getParameters().get('id') ];  */
           return [select id,name from Account limit 25]; 
            public String getName()
             { return 'My First Custom Controller';

  • June 25, 2008
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Can someone share a datalist component example? Also, can I create custom components?