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I am looking for someone to help me make some programming changes to SalesForce.
What I need is not very complex and is pretty limited in scope.
To get started it is probably only a few hours and I would like to see it get done in the next week. That may increase some in the next month of two.
If someone is interested in picking up that kind of work and then has some availability moving forward on an as needed basis please contact me at radtkejim@gmail.com.
Thank you,
Jim Radtke
Can anyone show me what code I would use to add a customer button under a list view?
I want to add a button that will allow me to change the industry of multiple selections at the same time.
There is a button that allows me to change the status and another that will allow me to change the owner but I cannot figure out the code for a change industry.
Thanks for any help!