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Please help.

I am trying to use the Google Spreadsheets API with a list feed. This works fine with a handful of rows.
However, with more than a handful of rows (approx 7 or 8), any other rows never get inserted/updated.
I think this might be because Apex will only make 10 callouts and just seems to 'stop working' without reporting any errors (I guess I use a couple of callouts to get the spreadsheet etc).
From the debug log:      Number of callouts: 10 out of 10 ******* CLOSE TO LIMIT
Is it the case that I can only make 10 callouts when working with a Google spreadsheet? If so, that's a pretty serious limitation.
When trying to send an email from Apex using Messaging.sendEmail and setTemplateID....
If the email template has attachments that were originally loaded from the file system ('My Computer' option) they appear to be sent automatically without any additional coding.
If the template has attachments that are stored as a 'Document' within Salesforce, they are not sent.
Is there another setting that would fix this, or do the attachments have to be added manually by iterating over the documentAttachmentMap object (and is this object visible in Apex)? The documents are in a public folder and there aren't any restrictions on document visibility.