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Is there away you can make "Contact Roles" an automatic necessary field when making a new opportunity?


Maybe it pops up or something?  I only have "professional" edition so I don't think I can use triggers.



Hi there - I work in the publishing industry where we use letter territories to determine which reps can call which companies.  (A - gets to call ABC company).  I have created custom fields on the campaigns page for each letter (A, B, C, D, so on and so forth) and I would like to - as reps make closed won sales, each letter to total up the total value won opportunities automatically for that letter.



Alliance Company - $2490.50

ABC Company - $1549.50

Another Company - $449.50



The custom field A would tell me that the total value won opportunity for the particular campaign your on is...


A - $4,489.50


So to pull this it would be related to the "Campaign Name" and that particular campaigns total value won opportunities.


Is this possible?