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I own a recording studio in Detroit.  I already have the Salesforce basics configured, including the web to lead form.

However, the web to lead form has some issues.


I already have a great web developer. However, he can only do the basics.  He and I have both wasted far too much time and need a Salesforce expert who can do EVERYTHING on both the Salesforce and web programming sides.


The web site is www.emberrecording.com - Go to CONTACT page to see it.


The problem is that the actual field name doesn't match the label name.  (This is intentional, but it's causing it not to work.)  Even though Salesforce tech support tested this on their system, it's not working on mine for some reason.  There are about 5 fields that are not working properly - some because I think the users are typing in numbers as words / vice versa.


Also, the birthday field is not populating.  I don't want to ask the end user for the year they were born because of privacy issues.  Apparently, you can type in a mm/dd date directly into Salesforce and it will auto-populate the form.  However, when it gets the information from web-to-lead, it doesn't collect the data / doesn't work.  I think it's important to keep it as a date type of field because I would eventually like to send e-mails to clients on their birthday as part of a campaign etc.


In addition, I created a custom field called "Account Type".  Every single person that fills out the web to lead form is of account type "Ember Recording Studio Client" so I need a 'hidden field' created to do this. 


If you can get this all working, I would be interested in getting the form programmed into my MySpace and Facebook pages, too. 


I also have notification going to my e-mail address.  I added some fields, but they aren't all working. I have a feeling this will start working once the actual form is working, but it's possible that I may need help with this, too.


Please provide me with a FIXED cost for these items (not hourly).

Thank you!


Russ Meuchel



I am going to cut to the chase here since I have recently had 2 Salesforce consultants not work out.


I am looking for an independent consultant only - no big companies with layers of project managers and multiple engineers.  You must have clear communication and fast response time to phone calls & e-mails.  I am a small operation.  I can't afford $80/hour, but I don't expect a quality knowledgeable consultant to work for $20/hour either.  I am a reasonable business owner who wants reasonable work done at a reasonable rate.  I don't expect that you know how to do every single thing I ask off the top of your head, but I expect that you will be able to figure things out and have some ideas / suggestions to improve the way I use Salesforce today. 


I am a Cisco Network engineer for my other business and I am fully aware that the big companies more than double the rate that the engineer actually gets paid.  I don't mind if you have a 40/hour week contract and want to do this work on nights / weekends as long as you are 100% committed to doing it.  I'm a month behind schedule and am leaving for an overseas trip (for my Cisco business) in 2.5 weeks.  I need the work completed before I leave.  Please don't respond if you're not available immediately.


I own a recording studio in Detroit.  I already have the Salesforce basics configured.


I need several customizations done including the following:


1) Integrate Salesforce web to lead form on MySpace page and have e-mail campaigns to MySpace users utilizing Salesforce.  E-mail campagins with MySpace?


2) I have a one user Salesforce Professional account.  Be able to integrate Salesforce with my gmail account such that I can sync the contacts on my phone (not the Salesforce contacts, but the actual blackberry phone contacts).  Sync the calendar on the phone directly, too.  I want to avoid using Outlook. I am currently sync'ing Salesforce to Outlook to Blackberry Desktop Manager to my Blackberry.  It's an administrative burden that I am hoping to eliminate.  :)


3) E-mail campaigns.  Do you have to do this within Salesforce and pay per e-mail?  I've heard that www.aweber.com is a free e-mail sending tool.  Could this or something else be used in conjunction with Salesforce?


4) Map custom fields in lead to custom fields in both account / contact.  Discuss the value of account / contacts to determine if I really need both since all my customers are only 1 or 2 people.


5) Tool to manage Email Campaigns and ties back to contacts and leads.  In conjunction with this, if I have an e-mail campaign where I collect 100's of e-mail addresses from bands' websites, is there a way to quickly import the leads and purge the ones that don't respond automatically after a designated amount of time?


6) Quick create leads directly from gmail. Attach e-mails to leads, contacts, accounts directly from e-mail.


Thank you!


Russ Meuchel



Hello Salesforce Consultants.  I am based out of Detroit, but I am open to the consultant working remotely.


I am currently running Salesforce Professional and I have a web developer who is going to be integrating Salesforce into my website.  I currently have my Blackberry, Outlook and Salesforce synced.  I am currently integrated with Google apps, but more application integrations still need to be completed. 


I would like a fixed price for integrating Salesforce with Quickbooks (not the online version).  In addition to successfully integrating the two applications, I would like some training so that I understand how making changes in Salesforce populates Quickbooks and vice versa.  I have been exploring packaged solutions such as Pervasive DataSync for $75/month, but I am open to other options as well.  
I also feel like I've watched so many videos and called tech support so many times that it's becoming inefficient.  I really need to sit down with someone, explain my needs and have the consultant recommend, implement and train me on how to use the features. 


Do you have an hourly rate for consulting / training?  I am willing to pay a fair price for the person with the right expertise.  I do realize that you get what you pay for. I have big plans for both of my companies and I am looking for someone to help take me there!  Please give me some background on yourself and let me know the answers to the questions I asked above.  


I also wanted to let you know about my background.  I migrated from ACT! to Salesforce.  I own a recording studio business and an IT Consulting business. I want Salesforce to manage both businesses, plus my personal 'things to do'.  Even though I am only one user right now, I want to create everything such that I will have more more Salesforce users in the future.  Certain users will only have access to specific leads, accounts, etc that are associated with the particular company.


I am also trying to figure out my strategy regarding marketing, salespeople, recruiters, virtual assistants etc. I would be open to some (business) consulting in these areas as well if it is a good match. 


Please contact me at rmeuchel@gmail.com.

Thanks for your time.

Russ Meuchel