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I have created a  custom object "x" with lookup relation to Account.


There are 2 Fields in "x" :- Order Date[Date] & Rate[Number].


I am trying to create a report which should have columns as shown below. Is it possible? Any help is highly appreciated.


Daily = Rate where Order Date = today

MTD = Rate  where order date is b/w first and last date of month.

YTD = Rate where order date is b/w first and last date of year

Account NameDailyMTDYTD

Hi All,


 I have Two tabs tab1 & tab2, on click of tab1 its display all the records with edit & delete option, here i had overrided edit function so that on click of edit it open one page, but problem is here once user cilck on edit its highlight tab2 not tab1.

 I am not sure what worg i am doing...


If any one have idea about this please help me out.




Hi Folks,


Can anyone out here let me know whether salesforce still gives force.com free edition with 100 free users.


Thanks in adavance.


Kindest Regards,




I want to create a journal against the contact to show all emails/notes/tasks/events in one chronological view. This will give the sales guys the ability to see a full, ordered history of their interaction with the contact


At the moment, notes/attachments are in a seperate section.


Is there some way to add a "New Note" button to the Activity History window to add notes into this view?




Is it possible for a custom button to create a new record only if certain conditions are met and provide an error message if the conditions are not met?


I want to place the button on a related list on the account page and only allow a new record on non-Partner Portal accounts. Would be great if anyone has some code that might get me started. 




We are in the process of merging 2 salesforce orgs. It would be really helpful if there was a printable report that showed all standard objects as well as all customizations to SalesForce. (I'm not interested in the user-data, just the meta-data) Do any such reporting tools exist?


Thanks for any links or suggestions. 



  • March 15, 2012
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In the report builder I have a chart based on report data, and I'm trying to filter out all the results where a certain picklist value is not defined (null).


So in the Report filters I added the condition if Picklist_Value__c does not equal "" .  This had the desired effect in the report's chart as all non-defined picklist values were filtered out. 


However, when I go to the Dashboard, import the report (refreshing just to be sure) the data appears with the null values unfiltered.  I don't understand why it would not be the same as the diagram in the report, but maybe it has to do with the fact that there is a hyphen.  I.e. it says that hyphen (-) has 21 results, valueA 13, valueB 6 etc... so it is not passing the filter.


Obviously I can't filter with a hyphen because it isn't a valid picklist value.  How do I prevent null results from appearing in my Dashboard?

Hello, I am trying to create a New Contact button to go along with my new visualforce page.  Can you someone please help me better understand how to create buttons, specifically the New Contact button, and how the action urlfor works?  Thanks!

Does anyone out there know how to call an email template from a custom button?
Thanks in advance.
  • August 03, 2007
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