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I have an external app that uses the API to login as a Self Service user and gets their session.  I then have an iFrame that will display the Self Service Portal and wish for that to use the session that I logged into using the API.  This would provide seamless login to the portal, and allow me to use a custom login script.  I've got it logging into the API, but it the portal then says that the session may be expired, I don't think Salesforce ever saved the session.


What am I doing wrong/still haven't done?



I have a url to a callout, but wish that the url be different depending on which instance of salesforce i'm on.  I'm trying to call a different callout when I'm in the Sandbox than when I'm in Production.  Is there a global setting where that url can reside?

I have a overridden save function on a VF page.  I need to be able to make a callout, but only if the information in the custom object is valid.  I can't call the UPSERT and then do the callout, because salesforce doesn't allow that.  Is there any way to invoke the validation rules on the object to see if all the info is valid, then do the callout, then the UPSERT?

If I were to need to call a external webservice on the save() of a object, how would I go about doing that?  The service needs to take in some of the new data for the object, and return a string that needs to be saved to a field inside the custom object.


I know that I can't use a trigger, since my callout needs to return data.

I've tried creating a Controller Extension, but don't know how to call that from the standard edit layout.

I've read that I might need to write custom VisualForce pages to replace the edit pages, but I don't need to change anything about the page other than the save call.


Is there a better way to do this that I don't know of?  Am I on the right track?  If so, how can my custom page easily contain the same info as the standard page does?