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With the Summer 10 eclipse plugin update, there is a change which is slowing down development considerably.


When you save a file, it is sent to the server for compilation and deployment. This happens in the background so you can get on with your next change while waiting for the compilation results.


However with the introduction of the Summer 10 plugin, switching to another Apex class file in Eclipse is dependent on the save action completing, so you are stuck with a modal dialog preventing you from doing any further work in the IDE. As a project grows in size, it is not uncommon to have to wait 20-30 secs for this to complete - as this happens frequently, it's really wasting developer time.


Please can the plugin developers consider removing this blockage? It did not used to happen until recently.


Is there a default namespace we can use to fully qualify a custom sObject reference from a managed package?


Take the situation where managed package code is trying to access a custom object in the installer's org, and has been given the appropriate settings under API Access restrictions. The sObject is queried with no prefix and works fine.


But if the custom object name shadows an identical object name in the managed package, the lack of namespace prefix means that the from the managed package code the system identifies the packaged object first. How do we enforce a reference to the installer's org's custom object?


In Apex code there is the System namespace leading to references such as System.Math.... but I cannot find an equivalent fully qualified reference for a custom object.