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When creating a new child record, I would like the record name to be created from the names of one or more related lists using a formula - rather than the default free form entry or a sequential number.


Is such a thing possible?


If not, is it possible to show the formula name in related lists as a clickable link?


Thanks all!





I need someone with a few years in the SalesForce saddle to help design a product tracking system. It should be pretty straightforward, but since this is my first time I would feel a whole lot better if I had someone (a SalesForce mentor?) to:


  • Evaluate my logic for design and clarity and tell me when I'm wrong
  • Help with (what I hope are) simple triggers and workflow
  • Be available to do future work for hire


The logic is mapped out and I've even partially implemented most of it in the developer edition and it seems to work well, but who knows - I could be an idiot and need to start over.


The thing is, as I get more into this I am excited about the possibilities, but I know that someone with more background could do this better and more quickly than I can.


I think what I need can all be done with custom objects and minor formula tweaking.


I'm hoping someone out there could use some cash? If you're interested, please contact me through this board and leave me your phone number.


Thanks much!