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Hi all,

Very new to Saleforce API here. As a first step I'm trying to connect to salesforce using a connection string as it's done in php. I have found some sample codes, but there are references to files that I don't have. I assume they exist somewhere on the developmerforce, but I can't find them. Would you be able to let me know where?



  • October 20, 2010
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Hello Wonderful People,


I am somewhat of a newbie to this so I apologize if I ask some dumb questions - I've tried to review info about Force.com, PHP toolkit, etc. but it's just sort of confusing me right now as I don't have the strongest technical background (yet).


Basically, I'm programming a PHP website that is currently connected to a MySQL database, which stores all account and contact information (including each user's login info). The MySQL database also stores user-specific information (e.g. everything they've bought from us) that we currently display back to them when they go to the "My Account" page of our website.


I have also recently worked with SFDC and got my ADM 201 certification, so I'm just now realizing how powerful it is. I would love to start using SFDC with my website but I'm not sure where to begin - ideally, I'd want the SFDC database to replace everything that is held in MySQL right now so I only need to interact with one DB in the future.


I would like it to capture a user's account information (which I understand I can use Web-to-Lead), other user preference (which can perhaps also be stored in the leads or contacts table), and also be able to display SFDC database information back to the user on our website. Basically, I would just need to know how to read and write using PHP from a SFDC database as the rest of the programming logic is already in place....


My questions are does it even sound feasible for my website to solely interact with a SFDC database (so that I don't need to use MySQL anymore)? If so, what are the tools and concepts I need to understand?


 Would be much appreciated if you can get me started down the right path.