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Every single tests in my managed package that uses System.runAs(<user>) fails after Spring '11 upgrade.


Here are some examples of things that used to pass but now fail:


static Profile p = [select id from profile where name ='Standard User'];

static User u1 = new User(

    alias = 'testuser',

    email = 'testuser@test.com',


    lastname = 'User',



    profileid = p.id,




static User u2 = new User(...);


static testMethod void doAnythingAtAllAsSomeoneElse() {

  Setting__c s;

  System.runAs(u2) {

    s = new Setting__c(Name = 'skipIntro', Value__c = 'true');

    insert s;


  System.runAs(u1) {

    settings = new MySettings();



  System.assert(settings.settingsMap.get('skipIntro') == null);


  delete s;



The test above used to work fine. In this particular instance, when it gets to "insert s;", it wll fail with "System.TypeException: DML operation INSERT not allowed". In a different test, it will tell me that static objects that were created aren't there and can't be referenced.


Are there some sort of permissions / testing / System.runAs changes in Spring '11 I'm not aware of?





Ok, I've been working with the IDE for a while, and when it comes to saving work in progress, it goes from bad to ridiculous. If I have automatic builds on, every time I save, depending on the connection, everything freezes when I have two saved actions in the queue. Why? 


So, I turned off automatic builds choosing to bypass the whole waiting part until I am ready to "Save to Server", at which point, when I try to save a file to server, the IDE decides that it is a good idea to take the other files and refresh them from the server, because hey, it's obviously what I wanted it to do. It is very frustrating to lose your work on the one hand, and have to stare at the hour-glass on the other.


Is there hope for the future here? Or do I need to build process to work around these horrible decisions/features/bugs?