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I want to automatically convert new leads into contacts. I have a trigger on Lead after update that will bulk convert 100 leads at a time. The problem I have  is that my marketing automation tool pushes new leads into Salesforce in batches of 200 at a time. When I try to import 200 leads, the bulk convert fails due to a too many DML 151 error.


I read that the convertlead function can only handle 100 records at a time. How can I edit the code to handle 200 imports at a time? Is it possible?


Thanks in advance.


trigger AutoConvert on Lead (after update) {

for(Lead myLead: Trigger.new){ if(Trigger.new[0].isConverted == false) { Database.LeadConvert lc = new database.LeadConvert(); lc.setLeadId(myLead.Id); lc.convertedStatus = 'Qualified'; //Database.ConvertLead(lc,true); lc.setDoNotCreateOpportunity(true); Database.LeadConvertResult lcr = Database.convertLead(lc); System.assert(lcr.isSuccess()); }}}