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Hello All


I have a force.com site in which users (i call them users but they are just contacts in my Org, not real SF users) can login and log cases, attach files etc. (please ignore the similarity to cutomer portal - it is a given state).


another functionality is that a user can view logged cases along with their comments and attachments (and is able to download the attachments).

everything was working fine untill i created an assignment rule for the new cases inserted to be directed to a queue.

Now, once the user logs in to the site and tries to download an attachment, he gets an authoriztion required page.


Now, i was thinking permissions - but i can still see the case, comments and attachments just fine. the only thing that isnt working is when i try to download an attachment.


I am using the

{!URLFOR($Action.Attachment.Download, attachmentId)}



any insights will be most appreciated.