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I are trying to make web service calls from APEX code to a third-party web service.   The third-party has provided a certificate in the PEM format.  A test application, written outside of Salesforce, verfies that the web services are accessable with the provided certificate.  When re-coded to work inside the APEX, the HttpRequest is denied due to certificate issues.


I have discovered two mechanisms for aligning the certificate with the outgoing message.


1.  Salesforce provides "Certficate and Key Management."  Download an unsigned key from Salesforce, sign it, upload it.  Unfortunately, I cannot sign on behalf of the third party, and if I switch the certificates and upload the signed one, Salesforce is quick to identifiy that a switch has taken place and terminates the process.


2. Hard code the certificate into the request with the deprecated call "setClientCertificate".  This seems to have no effect.   I speculate that it will only work with a PKCS#12 certificate.  I have a PEM key.


I must be missing a step in the process, so any help would be appreciated.



I'm trying to sign an XML document in one of my Apex classes.  Does Apex have any built in classes for signing XML documents?  Ie, like using the javax.xml.crypto.dsig.XMLSignature class or the Apache Santuario library?  I've looked at the Crypto.sign function, but I don't think it does what I need it to do (or if it does, please let me know!).


Thanks for any suggestions!




I need to put a custom related list on the account detail page and put the Hover link on the top of the page for the custom related list.


I was able to do the custom related list displayed on the bottom of the Account detail page wiring a standard controller extension and visula force page.


Now the problem is How do I place the Hover link on the top of the page for the custom list? I saw couple of threads for the above, but the hover links issue was never discussed?.


Can any one please guide me how can I do this.


Thank you.