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I am in the process of uploading an unmanaged package to be moved to a different org. However when i upload my package i'm getting an error as follows: 


Component TypeNameProblem
Button or LinkShowMapThis component depends on another component that is not included in this package. null
Button or LinkSend_Response_RequestThis component depends on another component that is not included in this package. null


I'm getting two instances of this dependency problem, both showing null as the package that is missing. Both are links and both are part of larger pages that i can not remove from the app without sacrificing a large chunk of functionality. I could use any help at all with where to look to solve this issue. 

  • November 12, 2012
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I'm new to salesforce and I'm trying to deploy from a development sandbox to a staging sandbox. However, I did not develop most of the content that I'm sending and the developer is new enough to salesforce that she does not have a list of components for me. The result is was some trial and error to throw components in and finally to just put the majority of the components in the change set. The change set contains pretty much every type of component: workflow, visual force pages, custom buttons, profiles, custom controllers, apex triggers, custom fields and objects. I know I have everything I need now, but I keep getting errors about functions missing for classes are part of the change set that seem to point to existing items and deployment order are messing things up. 


1. Can anyone help me out with a checklist of things to make sure I am doing during change set deployment? Ex: delete all apex classes that are being updated before deployment.  


2. Can anyone point our company in the right direction for version control to help speed this process up in the future and not just do a kitchen sink change change set?

  • May 10, 2012
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