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We have a custom button on detail page. On click of the button, we create a task and we want the user to receive email notification regarding the same. I tried using dml header option but it doesn't work. 

//sample code 
var task = new sforce.SObject("Task"); 
sforce.connection.emailHeader =  { triggerUserEmail : true};
result = sforce.connection.create([task]);

Hi All,

I have created a vf page which will not be actively used by any user i.e it is just used to display the updates on a custom object(we display it on the TV in the front). However, I am wondering if this will work if the page is displayed on the screen for the entire day? When will the connection expire? How will I determine the loss of connectivity and reconnect again?



I need the value for oldvalue and newvalue field   of caseHistory in Test classes.But these two fields is not writable.How we can provide value for these two fields in my Test class????????





plz Help ...............It's Urgent




Thanks in advanced

  • March 10, 2012
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