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Hi how do i get the seconds like 0-60 (so counting and resetting) from something like Now()-CreatedDate?

hi can we have a quick load down of what to expect in spring 13

Hi guys I have this problem when I am querying using a user with a platform license. If the NOT IN part of the SQOL statements goes more than 500 items then it fails, but if I use a user with full a salesforce license it works fine.



This is what I am trying to do, query all users who are following me at least 10000


public static List<EntitySubscription> getEntitySubscriptionTest(Id parentId){
        Set<EntitySubscription> lastSubscriptions = new Set<EntitySubscription>();
        for (Integer queryCount = 0; queryCount < 50; queryCount++) {
            System.debug('### LAST IDS COUNT: ' + lastSubscriptions.size());
            for (List<EntitySubscription> thisEntitySubscription : [SELECT Id, SubscriberId, ParentId, Subscriber.Name
                FROM EntitySubscription WHERE ParentId = :parentId AND Id NOT IN :lastSubscriptions LIMIT 200]) {

        System.debug('### CONNECTION COUNT: ' + lastSubscriptions.size());
        return new List<EntitySubscription>(lastSubscriptions);