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Maybe I'm missing the obvious here, but I can't figure out how to deactivate a trigger in a production environment. I created a simple trigger in the sandbox, tested and deployed it to production. Everything works fine and the trigger works as expected in production. However now I would like to deactivate and/or undeploy it from production. In the sandbox I can edit the trigger and uncheck the IsActive field, but I can't edit the trigger in production (I am the system administrator) because there is no Edit link.

I tried deactivating in the sandbox and then redeploying to production, but that didn't work either. Do I need to write a deployment script, access the metadata, use Ant? Without the ability to roll back triggers from production, I can't use Apex. What am I missing? I searched all the documentation and this forum and didn't find anything other than references to the UI checkbox, which doesn't exist in production.


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