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hello all,

I am tryingto hide an input text field for a picklist value and show the same field for another picklistvalue. I want to get this function through javascript. I am trying to avoid hte usage of "getElementById". I could get this working on the vf attribute "styleclass". But i want to call the script from the attribute "id".


Here is my code.

<apex:inputText value="{!ConEmail.dealerCode}" id="DealerCode">

 here is javascript &colon;

       function EventChanged(leadFormat) 
           if (leadFormat.value == "XML-GM" )
      			alert('IN IF');
      			alert('IN ELSE');

 I can enter the if condition and get the alerts for "in if" and "in else" but somehow unable to hide or show the field.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

<apex:inputText value="{!ConEmail.dealerCode}" id="DealerCode">

Hi All,

I have a multiselect picklist value in the vf page. Its a read only field. When I output the field the values appears with semicolon


Currently I am using the below code to ouput the field value

 <apex:outputText label="Franchises" value="{!Account.Franchises__c}"></apex:outputText>

and this displays the field values like below

Audi; Acura; Ford

My requirement here is i want to display the values without the semicolons. Can i display each value in a different line?

Eg: Audi



how can i do this?

I want to display an address from the account object on on my VF page but this is not a referenceable field so I created a a custom field which concatenates street city postcode etc using BR() to separate them but it does not display correctly. Could someone tell me what I am missing?